Friday, May 22, 2009

Saturday, May 9, 2009

observatory presumes longhouse homestead and fever

dearest o sensei
i know this is an unusual request but i had a dream that a monk came here and taught the young folk to protect themselves to protect their community to protect their ancestors and not to harm a soul in doing so
he left again and all the citizens of the nation built an observatory with the purpose specifically of tracing his path
and in doing protected themselves from their much more powerful neighbours with heartbreak or bloodshed.
then came a wave and we were decimated
and then came a plague and again we were decimated
then came the people from the east who call themselves westerners; they are the occidental incarnate
and with them came test after trial and again by ten and by ten again and again and now we are more lost than any of our ancestors and i am telling you that i have had the dream in which ours and the path of the monestary wanderer may not be due but it is essential and i dreamed of what that would mean and what we would have to do, not least of which is to be humble and to ask for help and wisdom because we need it. if you would help us we could rebuild the observatory we could collect some of the remaining young people and we teach them to be resiliant, keen and strong again. i have a book about you and your school which i found and i am delighted by the idea. there is a far secluded place we still possess and i want to ask how to build a dojo that is a retreat and place to start rebuilding our own long houses after we steal ourselves for the times ahead. i will send you a picture and a map. in your book it seems to me that this is something that you have done and we thought you could point us along our path
thank you again i ashamed to impose
and we have lived in shame for many grandfathers to be guilty for themselves and their children
also excuse me because i do not know how to write in english

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

you have to start somewhere sometimes